DFY Authority Review

DFY Authority refers to Done-For-You, Web-Bot that searches high-value domains that are ready immediately to be picked up just for $10 or less.

The web-bot was custom built by us to find our OWN domains that you can buy right now. We did NOT want to be like the “other” guys and just tap into the SAME API’s that only show you “soon to be expired” domains and “auction/bidding style” domains. 99% of the expired domains that you’ll find inside of DFY Authority WILL NOT be listed on ANY other platform. If you DO find a domain of ours on another platform, we’ll send you $50 from our OWN pocket. We built DFY Authority to be EXCLUSIVE.

DFY Authority allows you to quickly pull out the domains you want to concentrate on. This lets you get to the right domain the fastest. Just quickly scroll through ALL of your amazing options and quickly shortlist the ones you want to truly investigate further.

Let’s say you’re looking for something specific, you’ll be able to use the provided filters with the shortlisting feature to quickly build a list of highly targeted domains that you would like to probe further.

Offer Expired Domain Services on Fiverr

They are not even selling these domains. They’re simply selling the research of expired domains and they send the list to the customer. You just post the specific stats of the domains you can deliver and you simply get paid pretty fast for a simple service.

I know that most people avoid offering SEO services because of the fear of not being able to deliver. What if you were able to conquer that fear today, so you can finally start collecting some of that long-term, recurring profits. No prior experience needed. Even if you’re brand new to working with expired domains, we’ll walk you through every step of the process, so you can go from logging in to the platform to profiting in a matter of days.